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Friday, November 4, 2016

Frequency: Frank related scoop from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on Frequency from this week's (Posted on 11/4/16) Ask Ausiello column.

Question: Any Frequency scoop? It’s turning out to be one of my new favourite shows. —Allison
Ausiello: As the date of Julie’s disappearance nears, Frank “does get more and more desperate,” star Riley Smith reveals. “And the things that he’s doing become more illegal and tricky.” The dad/detective is also “constantly having to put one timeline version of Raimy on the line to help out the other one, and then within two or three scenes, the reverse [happens]. The next episode reverses it again.”

Link to the full article:‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13 Spoilers: Airplane Episode, Crisis in Flight | TVLine - Page 2

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