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Friday, February 10, 2017

Blindspot: Scoop on Weller's reaction to Oliver and Jane’s relationship from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams

Here's some scoop on Blindspot from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams' The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 2/10/17.

How will Weller feel about Oliver and Jane’s new relationship on Blindspot? — Kylie
Not great, Kylie. “Weller is jealous,” EP Martin Gero tells me. But seeing Jane with another man could ultimately help him realize his true feelings in the long run. “Sometimes it takes the person you like going on a date with someone to realize like, ‘Oh boy, I have feelings about this person.’ Even though it will feel like we’re moving it away from Jeller, I think it’s an important step in the process.”

Link to the full article:Spoiler Room: Scoop on 'The Flash,' 'Once Upon a Time,' 'Supergirl' and more

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