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Saturday, February 25, 2017

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Scoop on the aftermath of Rip's return to the Waverider from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams

Here's some scoop on DC's Legends of Tomorrow from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams' The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 2/24/17.

With Rip presumably part of the team again after the next episode of Legends of Tomorrow, when can we expect the issue of who’s going to be captain going forward to be addressed? — BearSpeak
Even though Rip is back on the Waverider, that doesn’t mean they can truly bring back the old Rip — and even if they could, the team may never be able to fully trust him again. “In my head, Rip’s done a lot of things to Sara that she didn’t like and didn’t appreciate,” Caity Lotz says. “She has a love-hate with him relationship already. She loves him, but she hates him and that’s kind of a hard thing to forgive. Sara’s not a saint.”

Link to the full article:Spoiler Room: Scoop on 'Arrow,' 'Agents of SHIELD,' 'Blacklist' and more

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