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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Supernatural: Scoop on the aftermath of Castiel killing Billie the Reaper from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on Supernatural from this week's (Posted on 2/28/17) Ask Ausiello column.

Question: It’s been a while since I asked, so do you have any scoop on Dean for the upcoming episodes of Supernatural? —Joanna
Ausiello: Would you settle for something Cas-related instead? No? Too bad, ’cause that’s all I got. If you’re wondering whether Cas killing Billie the Reaper will have cosmic consequences — specifically for the angel himself — you’re not the only one. “As I’m reading upcoming scripts and seeing what’s happening to the characters, I have been asking myself that question, as well,” Misha Collins tells TVLine. “As far as I’ve seen, it’s not resolved yet. But there are a lot of things that crop up that I interpret as possibly having been cosmic consequences of that action.”

Link to the full article:‘Nashville’ Season 5: Rayna Death Spoilers — Replacement Character? | TVLine

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