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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Once Upon a Time: Scoop on The Black Fairy and more from TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich

Here's some scoop on Once Upon a Time from this week's (Posted on 4/17/17) Matt's Inside Line column.

Do you have any Once Upon a Time scoop on The Black Fairy? —Maggie
The dark doyenne’s eponymous episode, airing Sunday, April 30, will fill in some blanks on her nefarious past — including why she gave up her son, and why she never named him.

How will the Black Fairy’s presence Storybrooke shape how Rumple and Belle plan to save Gideon? —Ashley
“It certainly complicates things, because of what their son has become and what he’s doing,” series co-creator Eddy Kitsis said when I hand-delivered your Q. “But Rumple and Belle are also loving parents who want the best for Gideon. So they’re trapped in a difficult situation that they’re going to be spending some time trying to extricate themselves from.”

Link to the full article:‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Spoilers — Kara and Maggie Try to Save Alex | TVLine

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