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Friday, April 28, 2017

Riverdale: Cheryl related scoop from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams

Here's some scoop on Riverdale from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams' The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 4/28/17.

Do you have any scoop on my favorite character, Cheryl Blossom, for Riverdale? — Mason
After Cheryl told her parents she ditched the ring, but actually kept it, look for the final two episodes to really delve into where Cheryl’s allegiances lie. “She loved her brother and her brother loved her, and that’s been taken away from her, so in a weird way, even though we’re following Jughead and Betty’s investigation of the crime, what’s pulsing underneath is always that this essential part of her life is gone,” EP Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa says. “So even though she’s not investigating, I feel like there’s a deep question and devoid in her that has to be answered and filled.”

Link to the full article:Spoiler Room: Scoop on 'Supernatural,' 'Handmaid's Tale,' 'Once Upon a Time' and more

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