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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Leftovers: Scoop on the possibility of the show bringing back its old opening theme song and more from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on The Leftovers from this week's (Posted on 4/26/17) Ask Ausiello column.

Question: Is The Leftovers going to bring back its opening theme song before the end? Or is it gone for good? —Christopher
Ausiello: Sadly, Iris DeMent’s haunting Season 2 theme “Let the Mystery Be” has been retired. The pattern set by the first two Season 3 episodes — wherein a completely different piece of music (including the Perfect Strangers theme) played over the opening — will continue through Episode 8. That’s right, we’re getting eight different opening title sequences in one season. As exec producer Damon Lindelof explains, “Because we changed the title sequence between Seasons 1 and Seasons 2, we wanted to do something different [in Season 3]. So we said, ‘What if we treated the opening title sequence like an overture?’ There’s a way to thematically introduce the episode to come just by changing the title music every week.” Lindelof hopes the unique approach will discourage viewers from doing something he admits he does himself. “I love the title sequence for The Americans, but when I watch the show I fast-forward over it because it’s been the same for five years now. So we were like, ‘How do we stop people from fast-forwarding over our opening titles?'”

Carrie Coon and Regina King’s spirit-lifting turn on the trampoline in Sunday’s Leftovers was a lot less fun than it looked. “Regina hurt herself,” Coon tells me. “I popcorned her and she came down hard and twisted her ankle.” Ironically, going into the sequence it was Coon everyone was worried about. “I had ACL replacement surgery in January so everyone was being very careful with me,” she shares. “Everyone was so vigilant about my knee and then she ended up getting hurt.”

Link to the full article:‘The Walking Dead Season 8: New Characters Dillon and Abbud | TVLine

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