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Saturday, June 17, 2017

OwlCrate Unboxing: June 2017 (Make It Out Alive)

Here's what I got in my June 2017 OwlCrate box, which came in the mail today. The theme for June's box is "Make It Out Alive".

My June @owlcrate box came in the mail today, and I absolutely love it! πŸ˜€ @authorkaylaolson's The Sandcastle Empire is book that I really want to read and review for my blog, so I'm beyond thrilled that it's this month's OwlCrate book of the month. πŸ˜€While I like the cover for the copies of the book that are sold in stores, I definitely love the OwlCrate exclusive cover of the book even more. πŸ˜€ Jennifer Wilson's New World: Rising is a book that I've had my eyes on for a very long time, so I'm beyond thrilled that it's the second book that they included in this month's box. That's definitely my favorite out of all the items in the box. πŸ˜€ I'm excited about the sleep mask, because I've always just covered my face with a pillow to help me go to sleep. I'll definitely try using the sleep mask instead. I finished reading @therealsjmaas' A Court of Wings and Ruin late last night, so I definitely like the bookmark with the quote from the book on it. All in all, this is definitely a really fun and awesome box. 😊 #owlcrate #bookstagram #thesandcastleempire #kaylaolson #newworldrising #jenniferwilson #newworldseries #acourtofwingsandruin #acotar #acourtofthornsandrosesseries #acourtofthornsandrosestrilogy #sarahjmaas #bookhaul #bookblog #bookaholic #bookaddict #bookworm
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Plans start at $29.99, plus shipping. The people who run OwlCrate are all very nice, and they’re really great at answering any questions that people may have about OwlCrate on Twitter, or via email. I highly recommend subscribing to OwlCrate, especially if you’re a fan of YA books. If you’re interested in learning more about OwlCrate, or subscribing to it, you can check out their website here. For the record, I wasn’t asked by the people who run OwlCrate to promote their business on my blog; I’m only mentioning OwlCrate here because I really love OwlCrate a lot, especially now that I’m reviewing books for my blog instead of TV shows. 

Finally, in case you’re unaware, I've reviewed Jeff Zentner’s debut novel, The Serpent King, which was OwlCrate’s book of the month for March of last year when the theme was "Writer’s Block". I've also reviewed P.S. I Like You by Kasie Westwhich was the book of the month for August of last year when the theme was "Fast Times at Y.A. High"; as well Audrey Coulthurst's book, Of Fire and Stars, which was the December 2016 book of the month when the theme was "Epic".

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