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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Grey's Anatomy: Jo related scoop on season 14 from TVLine's Matt Webb Mitovich

Here's some scoop on Grey's Anatomy from this week's (Posted on 8/9/17) Matt's Inside Line column.

Will the Grey’s Anatomy writers finally dive into Jo’s storyline this season? Will Jo Wilson find her mentor? And isn’t she due to take her boards soon? —Burcu
“We will absolutely explore Jo’s story more,” Camilla Luddington told me at TCA when I hand-delivered your Qs. “I know that with the domestic violence storyline, we want to show the spectrum of emotional damage that can do to someone — what their triggers may be, how it affects past and future relationships, the details of what she experienced — and hopefully show recovery and healing. It will be very intense to play but I feel honored to be given the opportunity to tackle something so complex.” As for the mentor matter, although Callie is now gone, “this season Jo may feel inspired by someone again,” ventures the actress, who also has heard “rumblings” that Jo will (finally) brave her boards in Season 14.

Link to the full article:‘Arrow’ Season 6 Spoilers: Felicity’s Tech Company, Slade’s Son | TVLine

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