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Thursday, April 6, 2017

FEUD: Bette and Joan: Scoop on episode 1x06 "Hagsploitation" from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on FEUD: Bette and Joan from this week's (Posted on 4/6/17) Ask Ausiello column.

Question: Loving FEUD. Does it count as a spoiler if you tell me something that happens when the plot is already technically history? — Sam
Ausiello: I’m gonna say… kinda? In Sunday’s “Hagsploitation” (FX, 10/9c), Bob teaches Jack that payback is a bitch, only to then be held accountable himself — by a woman, no less. (And not either of the ones you’d expect.)

Link to the full article:‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Steven Yeun’s Glenn Return? | TVLine

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