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Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Leftovers: Spoiler on the season 3 premiere (Episode 3x01 "The Book of Kevin") and more from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on The Leftovers from this week's (Posted on 4/6/17) Ask Ausiello column.

Question: Have you seen The Leftovers Season 3 premiere? Any intel on it and/or the final season in general? —Roger
Ausiello: Roger that, Roger. The closing scene of the April 16 opener made me spit my Diet Half ‘n Half Snapple all over my MacBook Air. It’s a massive mind frak that launches a new mystery — and one I’m told we will get an answer to by the series finale. Also, if you enjoyed last season’s alt-reality, standalone ep “International Assassin,” then you are going to fall head over heels for its quasi-sequel, Season 3, Episode 7’s “The Most Powerful Man in the World” — aka the series’ second-to-last episode ever. (Take note that I refrained from referring to it as the “penultimate” episode. I know an overexposed word when I repeatedly type see one.) Oh, here’s one more Leftovers tidbit: Amy Brenneman’s Laurie figures prominently in these final eight episodes.

Link to the full article:‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Steven Yeun’s Glenn Return? | TVLine

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