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Friday, June 16, 2017

Fargo: Scoop on the season 3 finale (Episode 3x10 "Somebody to Love") from TVLine's Michael Ausiello

Here's some scoop on Fargo from this week's (Posted on 6/16/17) Ask Ausiello column.

♦ As I previewed on Instagram, Dame Carrie Coon of Leftovers and Fargo fame dropped by TVLine’s Big Apple offices this week to record a Dream Emmy-themed episode of The TVLine Podcast (premiering Tuesday, June 20) with yours truly. I basically spent the first 25 minutes gushing about her sensational work on both shows. And then we devoted the final five minutes to mutually raving about her Fargo co-star/sidekick Olivia Sandoval (aka Officer Lopez), who I’m ready to anoint the breakout star of 2017 (well, at least the first half of 2017). Speaking of Fargo, I can’t wait for Wednesday’s finale. And speaking of Wednesday’s finale…
♦ My colleague Dave Nemetz scored an early peek at the Season 3 swan song and he filed this tease-y report: “To steal the title of a non-Coen brothers movie: There will be blood. Multiple characters won’t survive the action-packed finale, as Nikki Swango’s cat-and-mouse game with V.M. Varga comes to a violent (and unexpected) end. Karma plays a big role in the finale, too, catching up with a few key characters and delivering some very just desserts. And be sure to put your phone down and give your full attention to the final scene: It’s AMAZING.”

Link to the full article:‘Quantico’ Season 3 Spoilers: New Direction, Cast Changes and More | TVLine

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